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Why Should I Choose Kiddy Steps Pre School for my Child ?

Kiddy steps play school will help Child to be cheerful, successful and independent-able to function in the real world. His Approach Started Play School for child future help,because they will be face every happy moment in the life. It is a noble initiative of learning edge and society. Our society Run by First play school is kiddy steps playschool in 2013.

A demanding place.

  • We are sharing inspiration.
  • We are connecting learning.
  • Play maker design the future.
  • We design experiences that make learning easy.
  • At the core of the experiences we design are games, play and the principles that underline them.
  • We empower children to be active citizen in a connected world.

Kiddy steps play school promotes a development of early stage of child. The Kiddy steps play school have established Programs that nature the intellectual, social and physical growth of each child.

What do quarterly charges include ?

Events, Picnics, Excursions, Celebrations, Activities, etc.

What are the facilities that are unique to Kiddy Steps ?

Our unique facilities include air-conditioned environment, preparation of nutritious meals, safe and comfortable transport system, settling zone, exclusive day boarding facility.

Does Mr.Sunil Kalsi manage the school directly ?

Our society Run by First play school is kiddy steps playschool in 2013. And the director is Mr. Sunil Kumar Kalsi. Learning is a continuous process throughout our lives, culminating in to a life-long pursue of Knowledge and wisdom.

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