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Kalsi child progress education society was established in 2010. It is a noble initiative of learning edge and society. Our society Run by First play school is kiddy steps playschool in 2013. And the director is Mr. Sunil Kumar Kalsi.Learning is a continuous process throughout our lives, culminating in to a life-long pursue of Knowledge and wisdom. The early years of childhood are wonderful years and therefore Crucial for their formation. It has been established through numerous studies that the First five years are the most formative years for a child all around development. Kiddy steps play school who will be a learning companion for the child at every stage. Kiddy steps play school will help Child to be cheerful, successful and independent-able to function in the real world,

A demanding place.

  • We are sharing inspiration.
  • We are connecting learning.
  • Play maker design the future.
  • We design experiences that make learning easy.
  • At the core of the experiences we design are games, play and the principles that underline them.
  • We empower children to be active citizen in a connected world.

Kiddy steps play school promotes a development of early stage of child. The Kiddy steps play school have established Programs that nature the intellectual, social and physical growth of each child. The child who attended the Kiddy steps play school playgroups develop a foundation for a lifelong Love of learning. Because children have varied learning styles and develops at Different rates, our teacher and children directed activities in a small group setting to meet these individual learning needs. And for the growth of child Teacher, children and parents all play important role in the educational Process.

Meet Our Chairperson

Chairperson Name
Commendable work on parenting

He has done commendable work on parenting, a subject very close to his heart. A regular columnist with leading publications, He has authored several books on parenting and early education. His Approach Started Play School for child future help,because they will be face every happy moment in the life. Taking education beyond books is just one aspect; Mr. Sunil Kalsi has taken it beyond the walls of the school as well. She firmly believes that parents have all the power to nurture happy and successful children and no school alone can achieve this goal.

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